Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run Hack: How To Unlock Secret “Chewie Mode”



Unlocking “Chewie Mode” in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run lets you experience a unique hack. This secret feature replaces Hondo Ohnaka’s voice with Chewbacca’s throughout the ride. It’s a discovery made by Disney guests adding excitement to the experience.

To activate “Chewie Mode,” follow specific steps during the pre-flight phase. Buckle up and await the Cast Member’s pre-flight check before proceeding. Pilots should move their joystick to an extreme position before activating. Gunners and Engineers have a simpler task pressing and holding white buttons. All actions must be completed swiftly before the Cast Member confirms seatbelts.

If done correctly, Chewbacca’s voice accompanies the entire ride, creating a memorable experience. This hack enhances the immersion in the Millennium Falcon adventure. Stay updated for more tips and tricks on enhancing your theme park experience.

Understanding “Chewie Mode”: A Hidden Feature In Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

“Chewie Mode” is a hidden function in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. It transforms the journey via changing Hondo Ohnaka’s voice with Chewbacca’s. This discovery adds an exciting twist for Star Wars fans. To activate “Chewie Mode,” specific steps must be followed during the ride. Pilots, gunners and engineers each have their tasks to complete.

All actions need to be done swiftly to unlock the mode successfully. Once activated, Chewbacca’s voice accompanies the entire ride experience. It’s a fun way to immerse yourself deeper into the Star Wars universe. “Chewie Mode” has sparked interest and excitement among Disney park visitors. Keep an eye out for more hidden features and surprises in the park. Stay tuned for updates and tips on exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Step-By-Step Guide: Unlocking The Secret “Chewie Mode” Hack

Step-By-Step Guide Unlocking The Secret Chewie Mode Hack
Step-By-Step Guide Unlocking The Secret Chewie Mode Hack

1. DO NOT activate your position right away like you would normally do.

To access “Chewie Mode,” refrain from activating your position immediately. This allows you to trigger a special sequence within the ride enhancing your overall experience and unlocking hidden features.

2. Take a seat and buckle in so the Cast Member can go through their pre-flight check.

Ensure you’re seated and securely buckled in allowing the Cast Member to conduct their pre-flight checks smoothly. This step is crucial for setting the stage for an optimal experience in “Chewie Mode.”

3. Pilot Instructions

Pilot instructions are crucial for unlocking “Chewie Mode” in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Pilots should move their joystick to an extreme position before activating. For the left pilot it means moving the joystick left or right entirely. For the right pilot move it up or down completely. Hold the joystick in this extreme position while pressing the activate button. Once completed, pilots have finished their part in unlocking “Chewie Mode”.

4. Gunners and Engineers

Gunners and Engineers play a role in unlocking “Chewie Mode” in Millennium Falcon. They have a simpler task compared to the pilots. Next to each seat there’s a display panel for Gunners and Engineers. Their task involves pressing and holding one of the white buttons adjacent to the display. After holding the button they can press the activation button to complete the task.

Insider Tips: Mastering Gameplay With “Chewie Mode” Activated

Mastering gameplay with “Chewie Mode” activated can enhance your Millennium Falcon experience. Focus on teamwork and communication among your crew members. Pay attention to your role as a pilot, gunner or engineer for optimal performance. Use Chewbacca’s voice cues to coordinate your actions effectively during the ride. Keep an eye on the objectives and targets throughout the mission.

Utilize the immersive environment to immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe fully. Stay alert and responsive to overcome challenges and obstacles during the adventure. Enjoy the unique and memorable experience of piloting the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca’s guidance. With practice and coordination, you can become a skilled smuggler in the galaxy far, far away.

Community Secrets: Discovering The Buzz Surrounding “Chewie Mode”

Find the buzz surrounding “Chewie Mode” adds to the excitement within the community. Disney guests are thrilled to uncover this hidden feature in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions and sharing of experiences regarding “Chewie Mode.” Visitors eagerly share tips and tricks for successfully activating this secret mode.

The sense of camaraderie among fans grows as they collaborate to unlock “Chewie Mode” together. Memes and videos showcasing the experience circulate online, fueling the enthusiasm further. The community’s curiosity and eagerness to explore hidden features contribute to the excitement. “Chewie Mode” has become a favorite topic of conversation among Disney park enthusiasts.


Beyond The Cockpit: Exploring The Impact Of “Chewie Mode” On Player Experience

Take a look at the impact of “Chewie Mode” extends beyond the cockpit in Millennium Falcon. It enhances the overall player experience by immersing them deeper into the Star Wars universe. Players feel more connected to the iconic character Chewbacca throughout the ride. The mode adds an element of novelty and excitement to each playthrough.

It fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among players striving to unlock it. “Chewie Mode” creates lasting memories and enhances the enjoyment of the attraction. Its introduction has sparked renewed interest and enthusiasm among park visitors. Overall, it enriches the experience and leaves players with a memorable adventure.

Tips and Tricks for Activating “Chewie Mode”

  • Coordinate with your crew: Ensure everyone knows their role and responsibilities during activation.
  • Buckle up promptly: Prepare for the pre-flight check by securing your seatbelt immediately.
  • Follow pre-flight instructions: Wait for the Cast Member’s cues before attempting to activate.
  • Move the joystick correctly: Pilots should maneuver their joysticks to the extreme positions.
  • Press and hold buttons: Gunners and Engineers must hold down the white buttons on their displays.
  • Quick execution: All actions must be completed swiftly to successfully activate “Chewie Mode.”
  • Ensure synchronization: Although not mandatory, aim to complete tasks within 5-10 seconds.
  • Listen for Chewbacca’s voice: If successful Chewbacca’s voice will replace Hondo Ohnaka’s throughout.

Frequently asked question

Do you need 6 people for Chewie mode?

No, you don’t need 6 people for “Chewie Mode”; it can be activated with fewer.

What are you stealing on Smugglers Run?

In “Smugglers Run,” players are tasked with stealing coaxium a valuable starship fuel. The mission involves navigating the Millennium Falcon through various obstacles to obtain it.

How long is Star Wars Smuggler’s Run?

The duration of Star Wars: Smugglers Run varies typically lasting around 5-7 minutes. It depends on factors such as queue length and ride operation efficiency.

Does smugglers run make you feel sick?

Smugglers Run may cause motion sickness in some individuals due to its simulation effects. Factors like screen movement and turbulence may contribute to discomfort for sensitive passengers.

What’s better smugglers run or Rise of the Resistance?

Opinions vary but some visitors prefer Rise of the Resistance for its immersive storyline. Others enjoy Smugglers Run for its interactive pilot experience and shorter wait times.


In conclusion, experiencing “Chewie Mode” adds an exciting twist to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This hidden feature replaces Hondo Ohnaka’s voice with Chewbacca’s delighting Star Wars fans. Following specific steps during the ride enables activation enhancing the overall gameplay.

The buzz surrounding “Chewie Mode” fosters a sense of community among Disney park visitors. Players can immerse themselves deeper into the Star Wars universe creating lasting memories. Tips and tricks aid in successfully activating “Chewie Mode” ensuring a seamless experience. Despite varying preferences both Rise of the Resistance and Smugglers Run offer unique adventures. Ultimately, exploring the galaxy far, far away with Chewbacca’s guidance is an unforgettable experience.

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