Shoot for Style: How to Get a Kevin Durant Haircut


Shoot for Style How to Get a Kevin Durant Haircut

Elevate your style game with a Kevin Durant inspired haircut. Known for his iconic and versatile hairstyles, Kevin Durant offers a range of looks that exude confidence and flair. From classic side parts to edgy low fades with designs Durant’s haircuts are a source of inspiration for many.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps to achieving Durant’s signature looks, ensuring you stand out with sophistication and charm. Whether you’re aiming for a clean and timeless appearance or a bold and attention grabbing style, mastering a Kevin Durant haircut is within reach. Get ready to shoot for style and embrace the Durant inspired haircut that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Most Popular Kevin Durant Haircuts

Most Popular Kevin Durant Haircuts
Most Popular Kevin Durant Haircuts

Kevin Durant’s most popular haircuts include the classic side part, low fade with design, and braids. The classic side part offers a clean and timeless look, easy to maintain. The low fade with design adds edge and style, featuring a burst fade on the sides. Braids, Durant’s iconic style demand attention and require more maintenance.

Each haircut reflects Durant’s versatility and confidence on and off the court. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and daring, Durant’s hairstyles cater to various preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional look or want to make a statement, there’s a Durant inspired haircut for you. Embrace Durant’s iconic style and elevate your look with one of his popular haircuts.


Kevin Durant’s Top 3 Hairstyles and How to Style Them

Kevin Durant’s top 3 hairstyles include the short side part, low fade with design and braids. Each style offers versatility and reflects Durant’s unique sense of style. Here are his top 3 hairstyles.

1. Short Side Part

The short side part is a classic hairstyle favored by Kevin Durant. It’s simple and clean perfect for a polished look. To achieve it, comb your hair to one side and use hair products for hold. Finish by creating a sharp part with a flat iron for added definition.


  • Comb hair towards one side for the short side part.
  • Use hair products to keep the sides slicked down.
  • Create a sharp part on one side with a flat iron.
  • Follow these steps for a clean and classic style like Kevin Durant’s.

2. Low Fade with Design

The low fade with design is a stylish haircut often seen on Kevin Durant. It features a burst fade on the sides leading to a design. This edgy cut adds flair and personality to your look effortlessly. To achieve it ask your barber for a burst fade and design inspiration.


  • Show your barber a picture of the design you want to replicate.
  • Use hair products to keep the top messy and textured.
  • Keep the sides tight and fade the hair gradually for the desired effect.

3. Braids

Braids are Kevin Durant’s iconic hairstyle, often seen both on and off the court. They demand attention and require maintenance. To achieve Durant’s braids, section off hair and start braiding tightly from the roots. Use hair products to keep them in place.


  • Section off hair into small sections for braiding.
  • Start braiding tightly from the roots and continue until the end.
  • Use hair products to keep the braids tight and in place.

Kevin Durant’s Haircut Evolution

Early Career Hairstyles — Buzz Cut

During his early career Kevin Durant sported a simple and low maintenance buzz cut. This haircut reflected his focus on the game and avoiding distractions. The buzz cut was a symbol of Durant’s commitment to establishing himself as a serious player. With minimal upkeep required the buzz cut allowed Durant to prioritize his basketball career.

It showcased his dedication to his craft and determination to succeed in the NBA. Durant’s buzz cut became synonymous with his early years in professional basketball leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Mid-Career Hairstyles — Afro

As Kevin Durant’s career progressed he experimented with different hairstyles including the afro. The afro symbolized Durant’s growing confidence and willingness to express himself. It was a bold and attention-grabbing look that helped him stand out on and off the court. Durant’s afro hairstyle showcased his evolving sense of style and personality. It became a memorable part of his mid-career image leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Later Career Hairstyles — Asymmetrical

In recent years, Kevin Durant has adopted a more daring hairstyle with an asymmetrical cut. This style features a longer section of hair on one side adding personality. Durant’s asymmetrical hairstyle represents his willingness to take risks and challenge norms. It adds flair to his overall image showcasing his evolving sense of style. The asymmetrical cut reflects Durant’s confidence and individuality, making a statement on and off the court. It has become a distinctive part of his later career look earning admiration from fans.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kevin Durant balding?

Kevin Durant has experienced some hair loss over the years but it’s not severe. He often styles his hair to minimize the appearance of any thinning.

Why did Kevin Durant grow his hair out?

Kevin Durant grew his hair out to experiment with different styles and express himself. He enjoys trying new looks and embracing his evolving image. Durant’s hairstyles reflect his confidence and individuality both on and off the court.

What kind of hair does Kevin Durant have?

Kevin Durant has curly and thick hair, often styled in various ways. His hair texture allows for versatility in styling options.

How to shoot like Kevin Durant?

To shoot like Kevin Durant focus on proper form and technique. Practice consistently for improvement.

Does Kevin Durant comb his hair?

Yes, Kevin Durant combs his hair to style it in various ways. He often sports different hairstyles.


In conclusion, emulating Kevin Durant’s iconic hairstyles offers individuals a chance to express themselves with confidence. Durant’s journey through different haircuts showcases his versatility and willingness to experiment.

Whether opting for a short side part low fade with design or braids, Durant’s hairstyles inspire fans worldwide. His evolution from a simple buzz cut to more elaborate styles reflects personal growth and self-expression. By following the provided instructions individuals can recreate Durant’s signature looks effortlessly.

Durant’s hairstyles not only make a statement but also reflect his evolving personality and style. In adopting Durant’s hairstyles individuals can tap into a sense of empowerment and self-assurance. Experimenting with different cuts and styles allows individuals to embrace their unique identity and stand out with confidence. Ultimately, Durant’s hairstyles serve as a reminder to shoot for style and embrace one’s individuality boldly.

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