What You Really Need To Know About The Lip Blushing Healing Process


What You Really Need To Know About The Lip Blushing Healing Process

Lip blushing is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing semi-permanent colored ink onto the lips. Unlike traditional tattooing it utilizes a single mechanical needle and a dotting technique. This technique similar to whip shading helps achieve a natural looking result.

Example of Before and after Lip Blushing

After undergoing lip blushing patience and proper aftercare are essential for optimal results. The healing process typically lasts 1-2 weeks initially with full healing expected by week 4. During this time, it’s important to follow aftercare protocols similar to those for permanent tattoos.

Proper aftercare directly influences the final appearance of the lips. Consistency in hygiene practices and lifestyle modifications is crucial for achieving correctly shaded, smooth and healthy lips. Understanding these best practices ensures a successful outcome.

Key aspects of aftercare include keeping the lips clean hydrated and protected from sunlight. Avoiding activities that could irritate the lips such as intense exercise or using lip products is also important. By following these guidelines individuals can expect lasting results from their lip blushing procedure.

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Day 1

  • Expect swelling in the lips on Day 1 after lip blushing it’s a common reaction.
  • A numbing cream is typically applied during the procedure to minimize pain sensations.
  • After the numbing wears off you might feel tenderness or soreness in the lip area.
  • Alleviate discomfort by applying ice packs wrapped in towels to the lips as needed.
  • Following the session, your lips may produce lymphatic fluid as part of the natural healing process.
  • Use a clean water wipe to gently remove any lymphatic fluid from the lips after 4-6 hours.
  • Keep the lips hydrated and clean by applying a moisturizing balm regularly throughout the day.
  • The color of the lip blushing will appear brightest immediately after the procedure.
  • As the micro wounds heal the selected color will gradually become more prominent.
  • Remember to follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your technician for optimal healing.

Day 2-3

  • By Day 2, expect a reduction in lip swelling following the lip blushing procedure.
  • On Day 3, the color of your lips may appear darker than when you first left the salon.
  • It’s crucial to cleanse and moisturize your lips twice a day during this period for optimal healing.
  • Use a gentle fragrance free cleanser on a cotton pad to wash your lips.
  • Keep your lips hydrated by applying occlusive balms, ointments or gentle moisturizers.
  • Hydrating your lips regularly helps prevent dryness and maintains moisture levels.
  • Avoid touching or picking at your lips to prevent irritation and infection.
  • Refrain from wearing lipstick or lip gloss during the healing process to allow proper recovery.
  • Be gentle when eating or drinking to avoid disturbing the healing process.
  • Follow any additional aftercare instructions provided by your technician for best results.

Day 3-4 – The Flaky Stage

  • On Day 3-4 after lip blushing, your lips may enter the flaky stage of healing.
  • During this phase, you’ll notice your lips starting to flake and peel.
  • Scabs may form as the skin begins to regenerate over the micro wounds created during the procedure.
  • It’s important not to peel off the scabs as doing so can lead to patchiness or pigment loss.
  • New layers of skin will emerge as the dry flakes fall off naturally.
  • Consistent cleansing and lip hygiene routines are essential during this flaky stage of healing.
  • Hydrating your lips regularly with a moisturizing balm helps soothe and nourish the skin.
  • Be patient as the flaking and peeling stage can last up to a week.
  • Avoid activities or products that could irritate your lips and disrupt the healing process.
  • Follow your technician’s aftercare instructions closely to ensure the best possible outcome.
Day 3-4 - The Flaky Stage

Day 7-10 – Final Healing Days

  • In the final healing days typically around Day 7-10 after lip blushing flakiness should start to diminish.
  • You may notice that the color of your lips is about 30%-50% lighter than immediately after the procedure.
  • It’s common for the pigment to temporarily disappear as the skin thickens during the healing process.
  • After 4-6 weeks the skin will have fully repaired itself, and the color will settle becoming more visible again.
  • Schedule a follow up appointment with your stylist around this time for any necessary touch ups or adjustments to the lip color.

Day 56-60 (8-9 Weeks) – Touch-Up Time

  • Around Day 56-60, approximately 8-9 weeks after your initial lip blushing session it’s time for a touch up appointment.
  • During this visit, your stylist will assess the lip color and make any necessary adjustments for optimal results.
  • Touch ups may involve evening out the color lightening or neutralizing the shade ensuring consistency and enhancing longevity.

After-Care Long-Term

  • Long term aftercare for lip blushing involves protecting your lips from the sun by using a lip balm with SPF.
  • This helps prevent pigment fading and minimizes the development of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Avoid over exfoliating your lips as it can cause the tattooed pigment to fade more quickly.
  • Factors like smoking, oily skin and iron deficiency can also affect the longevity of your lip blush color.
  • By following these long term aftercare practices you can maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your lip blushing results.

Avoid This During Your Aftercare Process

  • Refrain from touching your lips unless cleaning or moisturizing to prevent irritation and infection.
  • Use cotton pads, clean towels or washed hands when applying hygiene or aftercare products to your lips.
  • Avoid activities that generate excessive sweat such as intense exercise or hot yoga for at least two weeks.
  • Moisture and sweat can harbor germs increasing the risk of bacterial or fungal infections in the healing skin.
  • For at least 48 hours post procedure steer clear of spicy foods, soups and hot beverages to avoid irritation.
  • Use a straw when drinking to prevent direct contact between the lips and the container.
  • Minimize skin friction by avoiding activities that could rub against the lips, such as kissing or rubbing them with clothing.
  • Stay away from acidic, oily or salty foods and alcohol during the healing period to prevent irritation.
  • Avoid teeth whitening activities including strips or treatments, during the lip healing process.
  • Refrain from applying lipstick, lip gloss, exfoliators or any products that may irritate the healing skin.

Frequently asked question

How long does lip blushing healing take?

The initial healing stage lasts 1-2 weeks, with complete healing typically by week 4.

Will my lips swell after lip blushing?

Yes, expect swelling for the first day or so post procedure which should subside gradually.

Can I apply lipstick during the healing process?

It’s best to avoid lipstick or lip gloss until your lips have fully healed to prevent irritation.

How often should I moisturize my lips during healing?

Moisturize your lips twice daily with a gentle balm or ointment to keep them hydrated.

Is it normal for my lips to flake or peel?

Yes, during the flaky stage (typically around days 3-4) your lips may flake and peel as they heal.

When can I expect to see the final results of lip blushing?

Final results typically become apparent after 4-6 weeks once the color settles and the lips fully heal.


During the lip blushing healing process, your lips may swell and feel tender initially. This is normal and should improve within a few days. Remember to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician including cleansing and moisturizing your lips regularly to promote healing.

Avoid activities that could irritate your lips such as applying lipstick or engaging in intense exercise until they have fully healed. As the healing progresses you may notice changes in the color and texture of your lips.

Flakiness and peeling are common during the healing stage but refrain from picking at the lips to prevent pigment loss or infection. Be patient and allow your lips to heal completely before expecting to see the final results. With proper care and patience, you can enjoy the long lasting benefits of lip blushing with beautifully tinted and healthy looking lips.

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